Calling for Community-controlled
Interest-free Banking
and Financial Systems
* The route to a fair, safe and peaceful world *
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Why Interest-Free? Because interest-based economics creates worry, unemployment, debt,
anti-social violence, war and pollution.
* Where we've come from *
The Campaign for Interest-Free Money was set up in 1997 at Money Lane, near Money Hill in the West Midlands, by an all-age group from across the UK.
It is a highly non-heirarchical initiative: non-ageist, non-party political, inter-cultural, all-faith and none, and a very, very all-inclusive activity.
We are quite certain that it *is* possible to live on this planet in ways that are:
• Economically fair to all • Ecologically sustainable
• Ethically justifiable to our conciences
• Morally acceptable by future generations
We call, therefore, for money to have its intended role -
as a lubricant of a just, moral and sustainable economics - created by, and lent, interest-free, through community controlled, public service banking and financial institutions.


The debt -> interest -> inflation system hurts everyone - rich and poor alike, people and planet.
In the UK, annual interest repayment on the National Debt alone has risen from £26billion to £28billion from 1999 to 2000 (compared with, say, only £14billion on Housing & Environment and £9billion on Transport.)


Petition to __________________, MP.
( ____________________ Constituency )
We, the undersigned, consider that money-lending for profit (usury, riba, money-making-money) is both wrong and the cause of in-numerable personal, family, social and environmental ills.
We, therefore, call on the UK Government to repeal the legislation that permits money lending at interest and to create a Public Service, interest-free Banking and Financial System.
We, as your Constituents, call on you to support this Petition



* Where we are now *
Interest-Free tools for exchange are being created at many levels: LETs, interest-free credit unions, Time Currencies, Commercial Barter and all sorts of co-operative activities.
We are aware of a ground-swell of people questioning of the problems that flow from charging interest on lent money, and we invite all to join the debate: asking them to examine it in the spirit of love, tolerance and respect.
*Where we are going*
John Lennon said: "Life was something that happens to you while you are planning to do something different!"
So, we live our Campaign optimistically, adventurously and open to all views.
*This year*
* we continue evening meetings at The House of Lords each month in Parliamentary time.
* we have a new postcard for all to send to MPs
* we‘ll carry on networking with Campaigns both local and world-wide, and sending out Campaign materials.
* and we'll keep on being led forward by the enthusiasm and care of all, by all, for all.
And we promote the new Petition to MPs:


*Information and Resources*
We can send an information pack ‘Freedom from Usury - Time to Stop Lending Money at Interest’ To receive one, please send a couple of stamps to the Campaign at 13 North Road Hertford Herts SG14 1LN


And we have mid-day round table meetings at the Global Table every Wednesday 11am-1pm in the basement canteen at the Friends House, Euston - open to all


*Campaign Contacts*
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John Courtneidge <>
Sabine McNeill <>