Calling for Community-controlled
Interest-free Banking and Financial Systems
*The route to a fair, safe and peaceful world*

The Campaign was launched in 1997.
Since then, we have become amazed at the range of subjects that are influenced by the wrong-ness of charging interest on lent money.
Quite routinely, we consider matters of personal philosophy, spirituality, care of the planet, our relationship with other species, violence, health issues, the food we eat, town planning, public services, theology, art and science, the future and the past, and on and on!

And we have mid-day, round-table meetings at the Global Cafe every Wednesday 11am-1pm at the Friends House, Euston.
Please do keep alongside these debates:
the future has been a long time coming!

*Campaign Contacts*
Peter Challen <>
John Courtneidge <>
Sabine McNeill <>

*Information and Resources*
We can send an information pack ‘Freedom from Usury - Time to Stop Lending Money at Interest’ - please send a couple of stamps to the Campaign at
13 North Road Hertford Herts SG14 1LN